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E-waste Has a Shocking Effect On The Environment

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Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is made up of electronic products that have outlived their useful life span. These items include computers, TVs, stereos, and printers as well as fax machines, batteries, cameras, and other electronic devices. To avoid a serious environmental impact, a tape of an electronic device must be salvaged, recycled, or reused. E-waste can have some serious environmental consequences.

The Leaching of Harmful Metal Components into Water Supplies Can Cause Damage

Many electronics, including computers, contain tiny amounts of toxic substances like nickel, chromium, chromium, and barium. This can cause damage to the blood, kidneys, and nervous system if it is allowed to leach into the water supply.

Toxic Chemicals Can Be Released Into The Air.

As temperatures rise, toxic chemicals can be released into the atmosphere which can cause environmental damage. The most severe environmental impact of electronic waste can be to the atmosphere.

Hurting Animal Populations

Electronic waste that is not disposed of in a landfill can seep into groundwater, causing health problems for sea creatures and other animals.

People Upgrade Their Electronics At Shocking Rates

Only 10% of smartphones in America are recycled. Americans receive new smartphones every 12-18 months.

The health of areas around the globe that are responsible for e-waste disposal is in serious danger.

A large portion of the population in Guiyu China is suffering from bone, respiratory and neurological problems. This region receives the largest number of electronic waste shipments from all over the globe.

When you think about what to do for your electronic waste, keep these top environmental impacts in view.

This post was written by Steven Elia Co-Founder and Recycling Director at https://ecycleflorida.com/. eCycle Florida is a R2 Certified electronics recycling company in the state of Florida. Our processes and procedures are dedicated to the proper destruction and recycling of your electronics. eCycle Florida is your go-to when looking for an electronic recycling center in Tampa.

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