unnamed Tavel Blog TravelNoire.com is calling all traveling enthusiasts to step up to the plate & try something different. They have just launched what they've coined- The Zero Baggage Challenge. This challenge is about simplifying material belongings and being "present" with rich life-experiences. For the entire month of February, they are asking adventure seekers to choose a trip (a vacation, weekend, day trip, domestic or international trip) and participate in the Zero Bag Challenge by leaving ALL.LUGGAGE.AT.HOME.

Here are the GROUND RULES as posted on the site

1. No baggage throughout your entire trip. No luggage. Period. All of your daypacks, suitcases, briefcases, backpacks & fanny packs should stay at home. 2. You can borrowing from locals/other travelers You can borrow whatever you’d like, as long as you don’t carry it around in a bag. A toothbrush? Sure. A washcloth? No problem. 3. You can purchase items along the way If there is something you need along the way, you’re allowed to purchase it, so long as you don’t break any of the above rules. 4. No mailing items to yourself Tempting, yes. Allowed? No. You can however ship things back to your final destination, so long as you aren’t breaking any of the above rules. Being that it is a new year, I'm sure some of you are already trip planning for 2014. So why not consider it? What have you got to lose?! Cheers to those of you who embrace this awesome challenge! Post all photos on social media with the hashtags #travelnoire #zero baggage Screen-Shot-2013-12-17-at-2.32.21-PM