Visiting Barbados: 5 Highlights

Caribbean Sea. Harbor. Barbados.

I’ve travelled to the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados several times. Only 150 miles north of my own birthplace, Trinidad, it is a tropical paradise like most of the Lesser Antilles. Many who visit the island tend to spend the majority of their time inhaling incredible beach sunsets. Nothing wrong with this plan, but there is much more to do here for sure…

1. Visit the North Coast

Barbados is relatively flat compared to its volcanic neighbors.  It is one of the few coral capped limestone islands in the region. In fact, the island is made up of over 85% coral limestone, and underlain by sedimentary rock…. After a scenic drive along the island’s geographically flat eastern coast, you will arrive at North Point. A small narrow, tree-lined path leads you to unforgettable views of the Caribbean Sea as it beats against the short cliffs..

North coast, Barbados. Caribbean Sea.

North coast, Barbados. Caribbean Sea.

2. Dine in Bathsheba on the Eastern coast

Take a drive over to Bathsheba on the East Coast (spectacular Atlantic Ocean views), with miles of untouched beach along the island’s most rugged, hilly and beautiful stretches of coast. While dining at Round House (delicious meal!) overlooking the ocean,  I saw several surfers here..

Round House cliff side restaurant at Bathsheba

Round House – a cliff side restaurant at Bathsheba.

3. Explore Harrison’s Caves

A geek’s dream with its abundance of stalactites, stalagmites, streams, lakes and waterfalls. Leading speleologists (scientists who study caves) consider the Crystal Room Cave to be among the finest showcases of its type in the world. The Caves are located near the geographical center of Barbados, in the parish of St. Thomas and are a natural phenomenon in the tropical world.  Electric-powered carts take guests through the caves and commentary provides an amusing background to the different halls in the Caves. Keep your eyes peeled for “Mirror Lake.”

4. Visit Oistins Fish Fry

On Friday or Saturday night, visit the island’s famous Oistins Fish Fry where local Bajans and visitors congregate to indulge in steaming fish cakes, dolphin (mahi-mahi), tuna and other seafood delicacies. Watch the ballroom dancers sway to old classics right there at Lexi’s.

5. Frolick at Crane Beach

Enjoying Crane Beach as sunset approaches..

Enjoying Crane Beach as sunset approaches..

Crane Beach, with many cliffs, dunes, pink sands and beautiful waters is breath-taking. It was named by “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” as one of THE best beaches in the world. However, you should be careful as sea bathing is not advisable here due to the strong currents. But, I did take a quick dip… Shhh! = )

Written By: Nik Trekker

For more information about things to do in Barbados, contact the Barbados Tourism Authority at 1-800-221-9831 or visit

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on “Visiting Barbados: 5 Highlights
One Comment on “Visiting Barbados: 5 Highlights
  1. Nik Trekker, I would love to Trek with you in Barbados. Not only are the pictures breathtaking, the information you’ve shared makes me anxious to actually take a vacation in BIM. I look forward to more of your reviews and insights. Maybe on my future visit, we could bounce up Rih Rih and film a Visit Barbados campaign or something — my bathing suit stays ready.
    Great work!!!

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