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#Geektreks was founded initially as a place to share the experiences of an educator who traveled extensively. In particular, it was intended to inspire a love of learning while wholly embracing the history, architecture, engineering and cultural norms of new places.  It is now grown into a virtual space that aims to share the latest in travel technology, stories of other travelers, and provide information surrounding for educational travel.

curatorPassport Stamps Include:  Barbados, Brazil, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Japan,  Jamaica, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, UK, Venezuela, Thailand, Grenada, Singapore, Cambodia and more.

My best travel memory so far is… visiting the DMZ; standing at the Dora observatory and staring intently into southern North Korea for like 30 mins  (I could see cars driving around and many a building), and then crawling down into one of the three infiltration tunnels covertly built by North Korea with intent to invade South Korea  – 1 mile and 250 feet below ground and standing only 170 m away from the official North Korean border.  That really turned my world upside down. It was also exactly at a time when North Korea was posing a serious threat to the US as they had launched a test missile. To be at such a critical historical place and time is unforgettable…

 My must-haves on any flight are… warm socks and my travel pillow with me perched at a window seat. Sleep is critical on any flight as once I land, the adventure is non-stop. However, I always ensure that I am awake to inhale the sight of soil below me. I love a great airplane shot.

When I’m on the road, I absolutely hate… Nothing. I love the freedom and insight that my adventures bring me – positive or negative. I am a better human being seeing the world as it is. I’ve had a few not-so-great experiences travelling solo as a woman in Muslim counties, but even those run-ins have enlightened and educated me in a way that no journalist nor blog can. I’ve lived it.

My dream destination or vacation is… A combo trip to Argentina, the Falkland Islands and a cruise to Antarctica. As a Caribbean girl, I am no fan of the cold, but I’d brave it all to witness glaciers the size of skyscrapers float gently by me. Plus, I want to march with the penguins. lol

The three things I can’t travel without are…1) My IPhone. Like – it’s glued to my hand always for multiple reasons: travel notes/my intinerary; to be able to contact loved ones through Viber; and most importantly to take photos and share them. I love my Canon but the easy click of my touch screen is irreplaceable! 2) MyBluetooth clicker and Flexi tripod  have become staples. Since I travel solo often, I can use them to capture great shots of myself instead of a terrible stream of nauseating selfies  3) My two passports. The advantage is not having to pay for expensive visas to enter many countries using my Trinidadian passport. However, my US passport is key on the return leg of any trip from overseas.  Even when I fly domestic, I tend to travel with one of them. Being a spontaneous traveler, I never know when it may come in handy. Once, on a visit to Seattle, without any prior thought, I decided to jump on an Amtrak train to Vancouver. That was an unexpected adventure in itself!

The top lesson I’ve learned while traveling is… That immersing yourself culturally trumps all. Instead of spending precious time laying poolside or beachside each day, grab a map and roam aimlessly. Talk to locals every chance you get. Take a local cooking class, or attend a performance/show. It’s one thing to travel and walk purely in the shoes of a tourist but another to actually consider the gravity of both place and time. Understand where you are, who the people you meet are, what they love or dislike about their life, their country. It will change the way you experience any new place forever.

If you are an AVID trekker  and would like to be featured, please EMAIL us. We’d love to feature you!