Travel Gadgets

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It is important to travel with practical gadgets that will add convenience and safety to your adventure.  Here are #geektrek worthy MUST HAVES before you make your next big trip!


So you want to dip in the pool/ocean but you are worried about your personal items.. Keeping an eye on hotel keys, your credit card, money usually results in a less-than relaxing experience, with constant glances back at your towel to make sure no one has found your genius hiding space—under the towel. Reef's “Stash” sandals are comfortable enough to wear on the beach, but their real utility is as a mobile safe. The secret tray in the sole slides out to hold personal items and slides back in to make sure no one knows they’re there. Bond would be proud!


Though rigging your backpack with an alarm might seem a little extreme, it might alleviate worries of having your bag stolen while you’re snoozing on a long train ride between cities or awaiting your flight at an airport. There are many options here – including ones for kids (makes sense). One version dons a cord can be attached to your belt buckle or wrist, so that if someone tries to snatch your bag, an alarm is triggered to alert you and anyone else within earshot. Check out these other options.


You may be somewhere where you get to do sporting activities and yet you don’t want to leave your valuables unattended on the beach or on the boat. Armed with a waterproof case, you can now safely put your phone, camera, money keys inside the waterproof case and take it with you without having to worry about anything. You can find different selections from Amazon and outdoor/camping shops.


Traveling with multiple gadgets is a given. If you are out and about for awhile, you might get caught in a bind and run out of battery power. Searching for a nearest wall plug might not be best option. Try instead a dual portable charger (like this one pictured from Powergen- a gadget can hold “juice” for several hours and is able to recharge more than 1 device at a time!


A Bluetooth remote shutter will transform your selfie/picture game! No more close up shots of nostrils and unflattering expressions! With some shutter remote you can take pictures from up to 30 feet away without super stretch arms! It’s a pocket-sized remote that lets you shoot photo and video via Bluetooth.


Another über cool tool is the QuickPod. The Quickpod or Monopod will also help you take that perfect selfie and is available for different type of cameras and Smartphones and it’s waterproof too! Check out their website for their products.


This device that looks like a loofah & will possibly save you from looking like a strawberry. It helps you put on sunscreen on your back without any assistance. This way you keep your front and back from getting sunburned while traveling in the sun.


These ultra-lightweight flexible tripods can be used any where and will secure your smart phone and even heavier cameras. They can bend, twist and shape to mount to just about anything! Not only are they perfect for digital cameras, but they work as a tabletop tripod also. Check out this one for under $10.


Locks are good, but they can be opened. Door alarms help improve the security for your front door, hotel door, or any door you would like to remain shut. Some versions are actual door stoppers with loud alarms while others boast LED lights and sit across the lock or door handle. Try this GE Wireless Door Alarmto increase your safety especially if you are bunking down alone.


You need to be comfortable and well rested, especially on longer flights. Sleep might be critical if you don’t intend to indulge much away. Most travelers cite ease of storage as important as the comfort of the pillow an thus, a wide range of impressive inflatables are on the market. The TravelRest Pillow is the highest rated travel pillow by consumers. The hoodie pillow pictures here is also quite popular as an option. Check it out here.


A great camera is a MUST on any trip. No need to elaborate here. SLR pros: Amazing photos are guaranteed. Cons: There are heavy and can be targets for local thieves depending on where you’re visiting. A really nice Canon point-and-shoot will produce unforgettable photos as well.. Try Amazon for some great options that range from $80 to $300. There are also excellent detachable lenses you can buy for your IPhone that truly enhances the quality of your shots.


PlugBug World is a 10W USB wall charger and international power adapter that lets you charge your MacBook Pro + iPhone or iPad/iPad mini simultaneously, from one outlet, virtually anywhere in the world. How? PlugBug World piggybacks onto your MacBook Power Adapter, creating a one-of-a-kind, travel-ready, dual charger for MacBook Pro + iPhone or iPad. This unique accessory includes five international snap-on plugs and doubles as an international, stand-alone USB charger for iPhone and iPad. PlugBug World brings dual charging convenience in any major country.


For those of you geeks who struggle at the thought of leaving your laptops at the hotel when you travel, (and if a safe won't work) )there’s good news. Kengsington makes a really simple portable cable lock that will attach your laptop to the table it’s on ($24.99). It’s not 100% fool proof but you can feel slightly more at ease if you leave your laptop behind...


So you’re returning from overseas and copped a MUST-HAVE bottle of wine. Well there is a special techy “bag” that you can place your wine in. It prevents it from breaking in your suitcase and will also prevent leases onto our clothing in case of a big disaster. Check out


Having a whistle in case you need to alert help to scare off someone might just save your life. But make sure the one you choose has enough power. Whistle for Life, which makes safety whistles for the Coast Guard (Thank goodness Rose got to that whistle in Titanic), also makes a consumer one that can reach a whopping 120 decibels.