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Montauk, Long Island

Meet Nicole, a Brooklyn bred physical therapist who currently practices in DC and Maryland, USA. Follow her adventures on Instagram @nickyro and her company @cocktailrow if you are interested in ordering specialty spirits!

Places I’ve visited: 31 of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, Barbados, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, United Arab Emirates, Panama, Belize, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Ubud, Bail, Indonesia.

Ubud, Bail, Indonesia.

Last trip:  Seminyak and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.

Favorite Place(s): I’m attracted to French culture, and I have great memories in Paris, France; Montreal, Quebec (Canada), and looking forward to Martinique, Lesser Antilles (French Caribbean) at the top of the year.

Dream destination: I do not have a particular “dream destination” because (inexpensive) travel is easily attainable and not of a dream. Cape Town, South Africa is on my list and soon to be visited.

How often and with whom do you travel: I travel once or twice a month domestically and/or internationally. Most international trips are spread out each quarter of the year, with state-side travel once a month. The bulk of my trips used to be solo travel, but most recently, I’ve found great friends with the same spirit of travel to join in on the excursions. I still take a solo trip for my birthday–a tradition initiated during my 30th year on earth–2-3 days of solitude to reset and rejoice.

How do you decide where to travel next: I have a list of places I want to see, and I have been chipping away at it, gradually and surely. Also, when I find a travel deal/glitch fare through travel groups in which I am a part of, I book the ticket without a thought, and figure the rest out later! Other friends and family members know I will tag along ANY trip (especially if it is somewhere new) and reach out to me when they’re planning something.

Things I can’t travel without: passport (!), neck pillow, pashmina, downloaded apps for self guided tours in my destination, ginger tea bags, my Chuck Taylor’s (with insoles!), chargers and a converter. 

The best thing about traveling: I have two quotes to sum up my answer:

  • “Travel is the only thing you buy in this world that makes you richer.” – Unknown. Culturally, I believe gold can be added to that quote, but I’m biased!
  • “To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Anderson. I am on a continuous “living spree” and I do not care to stop. I have made travel a part of my life and the education I receive enriches my life.

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Palace of Versailles, France

Palace of Versailles, France

The hardest part of travel: The jet lag! Seriously, the end of a trip, but it helps to stimulate my excitement for the next!

Travel tips for others interested in budget travel: Remain open to different locations when researching travel deals. There is more than one route into your preferred destination. Also, research travel deals — Google Flights is my friend! Glitch fares and airline-wide fare sales have awarded me travel to places which were further down my list.