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Meet Nechy – an educator based in New York City.

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In a tiny town named Atrani in the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Places you’ve visited: The first travel goal I set for myself was to visit all 50 states by the time I reach 50 years of age. As a person born and raised in NYC, I realized that the rest of America is quite different from this diverse and liberal city. So I set out to understand what the rest of America is like- from small towns to other big cities. At this point I have visited 40 states and I’m sure I’ll be done in the next few years (well before 50) so I’ve set a new goal- 50 countries by 50. Internationally my list isn’t quite as impressive. I’ve only been to 2 continents – in Europe- Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, Wales and North America- Canada, Mexico, Belize, Caribbean – Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas, Barbados, Aruba, Cayman Islands.

Last Trip: My last mini- trip was to the Saugerties Lighthouse in upstate New York. It is a lighthouse on the Hudson River that is also a two room bed and breakfast. There is no access by car, just a half mile walk through an unpaved dirt path. If you don’t mind having no tv and nothing around you, it is the perfect place to unwind! Or you can just visit during the day time as it is open to the public until the sunset. My last major trip was a 34 day west coast road/plane/boat trip. My boyfriend and I flew to Alaska, took a one – way cruise through Alaska and ended in Vancouver, Canada. We then traveled south by car and stopped at interesting places along the way to San Francisco, California. We loved the drive along Oregon Coast, the Columbia River Gorge national scenic area, driving through the Redwoods and Napa Valle. . Once reaching San Francisco, we went on to complete the last leg of our journey in Maui and Oahu in Hawaii.

Avenue of the Giants, California Redwood Forest

Avenue of the Giants, California Redwood Forest

Kaupo Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

Kaupo Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

Favorite place: My favorite place hands down has to be Italy! It is such a magical place. I’ve been to 17 cities/towns in Italy and I loved them all. My favorite place of all time is a medieval town called Malcesine. In this town, you can take a cable car up to Monte Baldo, a mountain range in the Italian Alps. At the top of the mountain you can stay at a resort, eat a restaurant or go hiking and camping. Then you can go back down to the town and explore the colorful medieval village, swim in Lake Garda (Italy’s largest lake) or explore the Scaligeri castle. You can also take a ferry to all of the towns along the lake.

Dream destination: My dream destination was Italy and I think it still is! Once I reach my 50 countries, I will go back to Italy and see all of the places I missed on my last trip.


Leaving Yukon, Canada and entering Alaska.

How often & with whom do you travel? I take small trips throughout the school year and long trips over the summer. I am fortunate to have a significant other that has as much flexibility and passion for travel as I do!

The best thing about traveling as a teacher is … Lots of time off!

The hardest part of traveling being a teacher is…Since you are off (during the summer), so is everyone else and that means peak season prices on everything.

Travel tips for other (teachers) interested in budget world travel? Always clear the cookies and history on your computer! Travel sites change their prices based on your search history. Just recently I purchased a vacation package from a popular travel site and I used two different browsers on the same computer to search for prices. One browser had been used extensively to search for fares and the other browser had not been used to search that site before. Both browsersgave me the same exact packages in the same exact order, except the browser that I used regularly quoted the vacation packages to be $1000 more expensive!!

Next adventure? Dubai!

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