Layover R&R: 7 Cool Airports Sleeping Pods

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They’re only available at a handful of airports right now, but sleep pods are clearly the future of airport snoozing. These futuristic capsules convert from cozy chairs to lie-flat beds—comfortably and privately. Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Munich, Beijing, Tokyo, and Moscow are among the international airports to offer sleep pods. Stateside, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Dallas are among those that offer mini-suites by the hour at locations past security. Check out this overview below!

1.  YOTEL (Amsterdam Schiphol, London Gatwick & London Heathrow, UK)

yotelYotel is the five star of all airport sleep cubicles in the world. Every room is equipped with an en-suite bathroom, decked out with towels, body wash & a monsoon rain shower. Extra comfortable mattresses with high quality linens make for a delightful nap, while the workstation and free WiFi allow you to be productive as well. Best of all? Guests are able to order Food to Go at any time from ‘Mission Control’, where complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate are always available. (Yotel has also opened its first non-airport miniature hotel in New York City.)

  • Location: London Heathrow: Terminal 4 beside baggage claim; London Gatwick: South Terminal across from baggage reclaim exit; Amsterdam Schiphol: Departures terminal across from passport control
  • Cost: Varies depending on length of time, airport and time of day. From $40 for 4 hours – $100 for a full night.

2. MINUTE SUITES (Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta, Philadelphia International & Dallas/Fort Worth, USA.)

minute-suites-atlMinute Suites are cropping up across American airports, offering relief to domestic and international travelers. Each suite is equipped with a daybed sofa, pillows and blankets, HDTV with access to DIRECTTV, Internet and the airports flight tracking system. Every unit is soundproofed and provide a unique guided power-nap audio track for each guest. The newer units in Dallas also offer a hot shower to guests for an extra luxurious layover experience.

  • Location: Atlanta: Concourse B at Gate B15; Philadelphia: 13 suites at the A/B Link & Dallas: Terminal D at D23
  • Cost:  $34/hour or $125/night, with discounts available for longer stays

3. NAP CABS (Munich, Germany)  

napcabs-mucNap Caps are actually the brainchild of students developed as part of an Innovation Competition hosted by the Technical University of Munich back in 2007. While these 4 square meter nap pods look more like vending machines than they do a room, inside travelers will find fresh white sheets, a work space with a multimedia touch screen, charging stations, internet access, air conditioning and mood lighting for relaxation or invigoration. Payable by credit card at arrival, this model of sleeping pod also is equipped with an alarm clock and up-to-date flight information, ensuring you do not overstay. Upon checking out, the pods are automatically locked until cleaned by airport staff. They are available on a first-come first saved basis.

  • Location: Terminal 2 (Level 4 & 5)
  • Cost:  $13 – 20/hour depending on time of day with a $30 minimum


2951109486With Dubai’s new status as the 4th busiest airport in the world, layovers here are becoming inevitable and the airport is consequently making this experience as pleasant as possible. Dubai’s soundproof sleep cubes are equipped with a twin bed, a touch screen TV and Wi-Fi access and are basic but get the job done. Airport bathrooms are located just across the hall and a pub is conveniently located a few steps further.

  • Location: Terminal 1 Gate C22
  • Cost: $16-24 per hour for single/double cube

5. SAMS: SNOOZE AT MY SPACE  (New Delhi, India)

del-snooze-1These sleeping pods are outfitted beautifully with the usual bed/table/plugs/Wi-Fi/storage combination, but also a flat screen TV, DVD players and a refrigerator all for a low hourly rate. Unlike other pods, Sams takes online reservations, guaranteeing a bed during your layover. The 24-hour reception always has newspapers available, and it is worth asking about specials. Often, a stay of over three hours will entitle you to a free meal!

  • Location: Terminal 3 (International Flights)
  • Cost: $10/hr.

6. GO SLEEP (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

go-sleep-auh1Developed in Finland, the GoSleep pods consist of a chair that reclines into a flat-bed seat with a partial or full sliding shade for privacy. Comfortable, quiet and dark, these pods are in use for roughly 9 hours every day, with full house occupancy between 11pm – 6am.  The sleeping pods include a generously sized place for luggage storage, a charging station and a tablet PC using the airport’s free public WiFi, with more features to follow. A full range of branded amenity items are available for sale including blankets, pillows (rental), snooze/shower/dental/shaving kits, as well as memory foam neck pillows with matching eye shades.  While they currently have only 20 nap pods, there are plans to add another facility in Terminal 3. These pods are currently on a first-come first-serve system.

  • Location: Terminal 3 next to Gate 35
  • Cost: $8-14/hour depending on the time of day

7.  SLEEPBOX (Sheremetyevo, Russia)

0sleepbox004Located just a 4 minute walk from Belorusskiy Train and Metro Stations, Sleepbox Hotel is the first capsule hotel in Moscow. It features cozy capsule rooms with free Wi-Fi. Debuted in 2011, rooms at Sleepbox, inside Sheremetyevo International Airport, can hold a maximum of three bunk beds for people traveling in groups. Bedside tables with electrical outlets and reading lamps are provided, as are TVs and, critically, alarm clocks. Each room at the hotel has a small wardrobe and table. Shared bathrooms are equipped with a shower. A room can be rented for between 30 minutes and several hours through

  • Cost: Depends on if you book a single/double or triple room & length of stay

Have you used one of these pods? Was it worth paying to sleep in the airport? Tell us about it!