Hold Your Breath: Here are the Top 10 Skylines in the World

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A new readers’ poll on USA Today.com. have voted on the Top 10 Best skylines in the world. Who doesn’t enjoy an amazing skyline shot? Check them out below.

10. Seattle, WA. USA.


Mt Rainier looms in the background with the magnificent Space Needle in the foreground. Seattle is a magical juxtaposition of the outdoors, nature and man. 

9. San Francisco, CA. USA.


San Francisco’s skyline is an iconic entanglement of buildings and dramatic bridges.  The coastal city combines theatrical topography and reflective water views from all angles, making San Francisco a crown jewel of the western USA coast.

8.   Hong Kong, CHINA.


From any angle possible, Hong Kong dazzles and provides spectacular views both during the day and night.

7. St. Louis, MI. USA. 

St-Louis-----RudyBalasko-iStock_54_990x660St. Louis, missouri with its iconic arch, is a city with a unique feels and look that can’t be confused with any other international city.

6. Washington D.C.. USA. 


The neoclassical and Georgian architectural styles of Washington DC are key elements in this capital city  that are recognizable the world over.

5. New York, NY. USA. 


New York City is easily one of the world’s most instantly identifiable skylines.

4. Toronto, Ontario. CANADA.


Toronto’s skyline with its prominent CN Tower is a special city. The CN Tower was the tallest structure in the world for over 30 years, until recently succumbing to the shiny Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. 

3. Rio de Janeiro. BRAZIL.

Rio de Janeiro 00833

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most spectacular skylines in the world. Mountains, ocean, steel and concrete create an out-of-this-world view!

2. Chicago, IL. USA.


Chicago  boasts a wealth of iconic skyscrapers that are timeless in their design make this skyline one of the best to gaze upon. Its spectacular location directly along Lake Michigan provides the perfect opportunity for breathtaking views.

1. Dallas, TX. USA. 


In a surprising first place, the Texan city of Dallas shares a skyline which tells a story of big banking and  big oil. Controversially, it has done this not with the height or style of its newest architecture, but rather through an internal race to adorn its existing and new icons with colorful interactive lighting that cannot be ignored.

How many have you been lucky to see?