Graduate Students

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Traveling while being student can be the optimal time to begin your globe-trotting adventures. Students generally are more flexible, have less responsibilities to tend to (homes, spouses etc. ) and can pick up and traverse across the ocean in a heartbeat. However, financial commitments and lack of cash-flow may deter some eager learners to become wanderlusts. Have no fear though. There are ways and means to capitalize on your student status and #geektrek.

Fellowships. Many international universities have cheaper tuition than in the U.S. This means, you could actually save money attending school while away! The CIEE is an international exchange program to study, intern or work abroad. For graduate school study, you can also apply for a merit-based Fullbright Fellowship or the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to study abroad. EducationUSA is another great resource for fellowship listings.

Get a Student Advantage Card. If you’ve never had one, you’ve been missing out. Go to and sign up for a card immediately! It provides you discounts on train, bus fare, food and even school supplies with a long list of retailers and online. For example, Amtrak will give you 15% off a ticket if you use your card!

Join an organization on campus. There are many organizations on campus that provides (semi or fully sponsored) travel opportunities. Search your Campus Life or school organization listings to find out about what your school has to offer. These orgs can provide very meaningful experiences in other states through attending conferences or engaging in project-based activities.