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In the travel guide market, there are a ton of resources that you can use to research a particular city or country. Despite doing research in advance, sometimes travelers prefer to have handy (physical) guides while on their trip. City guides tend to be more detailed and give better insight into attractions, hotel/accommodations insight, restaurant/eatery reviews etc. Country guides tend to be rather broad and only scratch the surface with content.. The following guides are the best bang for your buck (Hard copy guides are a little pricey tho..). LONELY PLANET LPguides2x2Probably the most notable and comprehensive travel guides out there.. They're highly recommended as a starting point to your travel research.. Lonely Planet is now available at the touch of a button on your Smart phone! Apps start at about $3.99 per city. Among them are London, New York, Melbourne, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Bangkok, Madrid, Miami, Seoul, Dubai, Berlin, Cape Town, Singapore and Mexico City. LP Guides are also available from the iTunes store and retail for USD$15.99 (AUD$18.99).         LUXE CITY GUIDES NewCoversTile[1] Luxe City Guides is a collection of pocket-sized, fold-out travel guides to cities around the world. Published in Hong Kong, these guides have already covered major cities throughout Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands, as well as Europe. Now, the publisher is looking to enter the U.S. market with a guide to Luxe New York, featuring dozens of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and spas throughout the city. You’ll find a few made-up words peppered throughout, as “glamvenient,” and sometimes even a little snark sneaks its way in (“Lilliputian rooms costing more than a Goldman Sachs bonus are the norm in NY”). Check out this article featuring Grant Thatcher, the publisher of Luxe, on this new line. Here!   FODORS Paris-App-415Another go-to brand for travel information. They too also feature selected city apps. However, compared to LonelyPlanet, they are FREE!             Let us know if there are any other guides you geektrekkers highly recommend! We'll research and add it to out list. Also, check out Nik Trekker's new YELP page for reviews. Bon Voyage!