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Meet Deidre. By the time she earned her Master’s degree, Deidre had already taught English in South Mathis-152-EditKorea, studied Hindi in India, and practiced Spanish in Costa Rica. After graduating with her degree, instead of committing to a mundane 9-5 job, she decided to travel the world for a gap year. That is how her first book “Wanderlust: For the Young, Broke Professional,” was born.
With 23 countries under her belt, Deidre shares her secrets on how she was able to explore the world and how it has changed her for the better. She aims to inspire others to go beyond your comfort zone to learn a new language, mix and mingle with locals from different countries and explore the beauty of new destinations.

Here is some more insight into our spotlighted travelpreneur.

Places you’ve visited: I have been to 23 countries ( but it will be 29 countries by the end of this year!)

Last Trip: My last International Trip was to Greece and Italy in October and Aruba in November.

Favorite places: That’s a really tough question! But I would have to say Thailand and South Africa.

Dream destinations: New Zealand, Tahiti, and Ghana.

The best thing about traveling as an entrepreneur is … Meeting new people and growing into a better woman.

How often do you travel? I have traveled Internationally at least twice a year every year for the last 9 years. I1509701_10100471725026511_1423435516_n1 traveled to 6 countries in 2013, 5 countries in 2014, and I have 7 countries planned for this year.

Travel tips for others interested in budget world travel? Pay yourself first (In a savings account) and put some money to the side every time you get paid.

Other Advice: You should read my book “Wanderlust: For the Young, Broke Professional”’s the best $15 you could spend! Portions of the book will also go to a non profit that help minority girls travel internationally!
To learn more about Deidre or connect with her:
IG: Wanderlust_YBP
Twitter: @Wanderlust_YBP
Facebook: Wanderlust_YBP