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Sunrise in the Namibian Desert

Sunrise in the Namibian Desert

Meet DANIELLE, also known online as the @HotelWhisperer. Danielle resides in

New York City and is a freelance travel writer who has written for EBONY, JET, YAHOO Travel, Travel Noire and many others.

Places you’ve visited: Wow, that’s a list that could go on forever, I’ve been to 77 countries and counting so far! Does almost everywhere count as an answer? LOL.

Last Trip: Mexico.

Favorite place(s): That’s a tough one!  Right now I would have to say Abu Dhabi, Zanzibar and Thailand.

Making new friends in Zanzibar

Making new friends in Zanzibar.

Getting blown away on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Getting blown away on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dream Destination: Mauritius! It’s my dream to review @stregismauritius

Favorite hotel: That is a tough one! I love so many! But even though I’m a St. Regis Girl at heart, my favorite hotel stay would have to be &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania. It was so breathtaking and humbling to be that close to nature. It was like a scene straight out of The Lion King!

How often & with whom do you travel?:  I probably take 2 two week long trips a year, one for my birthday and one for Christmas/NYE.  In between I take advantage of long weekends and holidays to take 4-6 day long trips.  I’d say 95% of the time I’m traveling solo, but I have so many friends living overseas that I’m rarely solo for long.

How do you decide where to travel next?:  Because I love luxury hotels, my dream hotels usually drive my travels.  Outside of that I choose where to go based on the latest travel deal, and food.  I love to eat!

I can’t travel without: My Lo and Sons OG bag, my DSLR, Evian Facial Mist, Hershey Nuggets w/Toffee and Almonds, and my rosary from the Vatican that my grandma had blessed for me.

The best thing about traveling is: Uncovering new experiences..

The hardest part of traveling is: finding the money and the time!

Travel tips for others interested in budget world travel?  

  1. Start a travel fund.  Treat the fund like one of your bills…pay it every month. Before you know it you’ll have enough for a flight, hotel or even the entire vacation.
  2. Stalk sites like TheFlightDeal.com and Airfarewatchdog.  The Flight Deal starts posting deals at 6:30am EST and I’m on it like hot cakes every day.  If I see a deal I can take advantage of I’m usually able to jump on it because of my travel fund.
  3. Try traveling during low and shoulder seasons.  It may not be popular to travel to Turkey in May, for example, but tickets can be under $600 in the Spring as opposed to $1200 during the peak summer months.  Lodging is usually a bit cheaper as well.
  4. Play around with flights.  A straight roundtrip might be expensive, but if you fly into a nearby country or city and out of your main destination, you could save a few bucks and see more than one country.  A few years back I flew into Turkey and out of Dubai for $630 on Delta. I flew to Dubai for under $150 on Flydubai.  The straight RT to Dubai was a little over $900.
  5. Don’t be afraid to barter.  If you’re a travel blogger, great at graphic/web design, know how to bartend, etc, try offering your services in exchange for what you need.  A small time local guide, for example, might be willing to take you on a tour for free or at a reduced rate if you offer to spruce up their website or design new business cards for them.  A local restaurant might give you a free meal or two in exchange for tending bar or waiting tables.  You never know until you ask!
Elephant love in Bangkok, Thailand

Elephant love in Bangkok, Thailand.

To follow Danielle’s travelers, connect with her at @hotelwhisperer on Instagram .