10 Ideas for Creating a New Travel Tradition

TTWho doesn't love an exciting adventure to a new city, landmark or country? Traveling can truly enhance your spirit and provide a new appreciation for the world around you. It's invigorating, exhilarating, educational and fun. And if you're like me, you want to savor every memory and immortalize the experience in any way you can. Many of us try to ensure we capture some of our special travel moments with amazing pictures. Some of us collect postcards, shot glasses, key chains, mugs, and refrigerator magnets - the usual trinkets we are brainwashed to feel obligated to purchase upon our departures.  But what if we chose to expand the possibilities? Create new and cooler travel traditions? Here is a list of 10 unique things you can begin doing that will put a new spin and spunk into your adventures: 1. Take a photo of a particular local object or person. Examples - phone booths, policemen, doggies, trains all make for a fun picture collection from across the globe. 2. Collect a unique object. (That you can legally take home!) I collect pencils wherever I go (the teacher in me) but the sky is the limit here. Perhaps you can collect a tiny sample of sand or a shell from every beach you visit. Or drink coasters, matches, hotel room keys, subway maps. Or even $1 or $10 currency from each country.

A cool sand collection from around the world.

3. Snap a funny/creative picture. As a wanna-be photographer, I love nothing more than a clever photo! Try taking pictures "poking" or holding up local towers/monuments wherever you go! article-2071439-0F18B02800000578-59_470x549 4. Dance - & record it. The most amazing travel video I have ever come across is that of Matt - a global connosieur who has made incredible videos of himself dancing in every country he has visited!
 5. Get on a boat. Whether it is the local ferry or a tour to a neighboring island, get water borne! (And take pictures of course!) 6.  Venture onto a local train/subway. There is no better way to experience a new city than by taking local transportation! (Especially when you purchase a 1-day unlimited ride!) Jump onto a local train and collect all your passes/stubs for keepsake. 7. Attend a movie or a play at a nearby theatre (no matter the language). Just purchase a ticket, walk right in and of course - save all your ticket stubs. 8. Get High. No - not that kind of high. Every single city I have been in across the planet, I make it a point to visit the highest tower/observation point/skyscraper in that city. Incredible views and memories await you. (Of course, pictures, postcards or tickets stubs etc. can be saved for your collection.)

On the way to the top of the Burj Khalfia, the tallest building in the world.

9. Purchase local jewelry from a street vendor.  A bracelet, pendant or ring can all be your choice of travel trinket. It's even more neat if you collect the same type of item - like braided bracelets from every city you've been to. 10. Eat local. Every day. Everywhere. You do not have have to be a foodie to appreciate a delicious meal in a new city/country. No matter how gross it may sound, go for it! And yeah, take pictures of that - and every meal you have! I hope you have found at least one idea here that will inspire you for your next adventure! If you do, please share with us on Twitter, FB or Instagram! Happy Tradition-Making Geek Trekkers!